February 29, 2024

Letters to the editor

To the editor, 

To the editor, 
I can understand the concern and frustration with an intoxicated person being on campus, particularly in the dorms, but I don’t understand the emphasis on the fact that this particular individual was cross-dressing. First of all, what exactly qualifies this as “tasteless cross-dressing”? There are many women on campus who dress in men’s baggy pants, t-shirts, and sweaters; and men who dress in women’s skinny jeans, but we don’t label them as cross-dressers, though they would clearly fit the dictionary definition [sic] of cross dresser which is “an individual who dresses in the clothing characteristic of the opposite sex.”
I would like to challenge the students, faculty, and staff of USU Eastern to be the change this world needs. Let’s be the group that refuses to judge anyone based on his/her race, age, sex, gender, religion, intelligence, disability, sexual preference, or clothing preference. Let›s stand up and help everyone, love them, and treat them with respect regardless of how we feel about their choices. With news like this, let’s focus on tose [sic] who helped to fix the problem more than what the intruder was wearing. Wouldn’t a better headline for this article be “Valiant group steps us to keep Tucker Hall safe from inoxicated [sic] intruder”? Let’s focus on the positive and show the world how great USU Eastern can be. 
Meriah Maxfield