June 18, 2021

Day: April 19, 2012

USU “Employee of the Year 2012”

Earlier this semester, Tammy Auberger, director of human resources, was recognized for earning the award for USU Eastern Employee of the Quarter. Recently Auberger received more recognition when she was awarded Employee of the Year 2012 for all of USU statewide.

Halamandaris Award: giving service to others unconditionally

Keera Allred, of Huntington, Utah, was awarded the Val J. Halamandaris Caring Award. The award is presented to a USU Eastern student in honor of Halamandaris.
The award is given to the top student who is in good standing with the school, has an intrinsic commitment to voluntary service, initiative and innovation in problem-solving, persistence in overcoming obstacles, advocacy for change that alleviates, or considerably improves, the status quo and displays continual caring in volunteer activities.

Feeding frenzy each Friday

Lately USU Eastern has been getting a lot of attention due to many changes happening on campus, but the campus is not the only entity changing. The USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum, established on June 3, 1961, has made many new additions to their exhibits.
The first new addition is the “Live Fossils” that are available. Now technically it is impossible to have a living fossil, but the museum has a living alligator, turtle, and lizard for some of the exhibits.

Wanted: initiative, caring, responsibility

In my time at USU Eastern, I had incredible opportunities that I could not have had at other institutions. The ability to be a student leader and feel that I made a difference in student life both on and off campus is one that has helped to shape me into who I am. In fact, I can honestly say that I do not know where I would be without the SUN Center.

Getting to know Lyndsay Reid

Lyndsay Reid is a new name to the newspaper, but she is definitely not a new face to the USU Eastern Campus. Reid got her start as an administrative assistant in July 2009; a year later in August 2010, she became an academic office assistant. Last July 2011, she was promoted to an academic adviser.
In January 2012, because of the changes in administration, her job title changed to academic/career adviser, but her tasks remained the same.
What made her want to be an academic advisor? She replied “I kinda fell into it; I kept moving up and learning new things.”

Ann Anderson wins Woman of the Year

Ann Anderson of Castle Country Radio was named the 2012 Southeast Woman of the Year.
“A dedicated mother, loving wife, professional woman and a wonderful person overall,” said Debbie Prichard the 2011 Woman of the Year as she presented the award at the conclusion of the Woman’s conference.
“She is the type of person that can make you smile when you are having a bad day and can make anything fun. She believes integrity is something everyone needs to have and shows that every day,” Prichard continued.

Logan instructor steps up and steps in

The Utah State University Logan campus University Chorale unite with the USU Eastern campus Concert Choir to present “Out of the Deep” on Saturday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Price City Civic Auditorium.
“Current members of the USU Eastern choir were impacted by the 2007 Crandall Canyon mine disaster, and this performance is to commemorate those affected by the disaster,” said Greg Benson, vice chancellor of USU Eastern.
Carbon and Emery counties are places where many livelihoods come from the earth and the 2007 mine disaster greatly impacted the people there.

Former baseball coach dies

At 51, former CEU Assistant Baseball Coach Darren Earl Garrick died on April 3, in Salt Lake City.
Garrick, who grew up in Kearns and graduated from Kearns High School, began his baseball career in local little league. At Kearns High he was all-state pitcher and also very accomplished in basketball.

Flint and Santos named All-American

The National Junior College Athletic
Association (NJCAA) has honored two USU Eastern athletes who made the NJCAA All-American teams. Priscila Santos of Sao Paulo,
Brazil and Chase Flint of Kaysville, Utah were this year’s recipients of first team All-American, and honorable mention All-American respectively.

You’re outta here!

The USU Eastern baseball team’s woes continue. The past two series have led to two series sweeps by the hands of College of Southern Idaho and College of Western Nevada. The team who have lost the last four series is now prepping to play Colorado Northwestern this weekend in Rangely, CO.