June 14, 2024

Meagan Roach, graphic designer for USU Eastern


This archived article was written by: Karli Morris

Would you choose USU Eastern after receiving a full-ride scholarship to any school in Utah? That is what USU Eastern alumnus Meagan Roach chose to do, and she doesn’t regret it. “I was really sold on a college that focused on me as an individual, but at the same time challenged and pushed me to bring out the best in myself,” said Roach. She was involved in many activities on the USU Eastern campus including building a sculpture chairs by the fountain, folding 1,000 paper cranes with Gay Straight Alliance, making a pet rock zoo outside of the Tucker Hall and being a part of pottery club where “sitting next to Chancellor Joe (Peterson), I was able to meet the person behind the title.” “I don’t think I could have experienced these moments anywhere else but USU Eastern.” Roach explained that she believed that had she gone to a larger university right out of high school, she may have blended in and not had the opportunity to meet so many different groups of people. She said that attending a smaller college gave her the opportunity to open herself up to growth and different perspectives. Because of her attendance at USU Eastern, Roach was hired as the graphic designer for USU Eastern while attending Utah State University. She is working to give USU Eastern a unified brand. “While this means you will see a more consistent look for USU Eastern begin to form, a new look does not necessarily mean a new identity,” Roach said. “USU Eastern has such a strong identity already and so much to offer, my job is just looking at all the great things that are already and have always been a part of USU Eastern and then focusing and highlighting those concepts in a visual form.” Roach has been working hard to promote USU Eastern in a positive way. “ I hope as people see the new look of USU Eastern unfolding they will become excited because it so strongly resonates with their experience of being an Eagle. I also hope that it will continually give a sense of ownership, pride and belonging, because the USU Eastern brand is made for you to wear. Wear it with pride!” After finishing school at USU, she would like to be a part of the study-abroad program, but says that she is just taking it one day at a time and is without any definite plans. Roach would love to hear what you think of her work and encourages students to take a look at her work and provide feedback. “If you are interested in following my work, feel free to follow my design blog. Ocdasien.tumblr.com, or talk to me on my facebook page under the same name. “