May 14, 2021

Month: November 2012

BCS Bowl games

There are a lot of games throughout the season that college football teams play in. All of them build up to the big sought after bowl game at the end of the year, with 35 bowl games NCAA football teams can make it to. Out of those 35 are the five big Bowl Championships Series games, otherwise known as the BCS Bowl games; which include the Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and then the biggest one, the BCS National Championship Bowl. These are the big bowl games, the ones that bring in the big money for the colleges.

From Maryland to Price America

Forward and center for USU Eastern men’s basketball program is more than just a player on a team. He is a captain who leads by example, not intimidation. This 20-year-old athlete has had to fight his way from the bottom and embraced every moment to become the man he is today.

Lady Eagle basketball season tips off

The Eagle spotlight has been following Eastern’s women’s basketball team since the start of November. The Lady Eagles are 1-3 so far this year stealing away the game from Pima CC on November 10th.
Whitney Fieldsted led the Eagles in the win by scoring 13 points and also adding 14 rebounds. Point guard Hailee Parry controlled the Eagles’ offense throughout the game adding four points to go along side her five assists.
Assistant Coach Chelsey Warburton said, “we about gave it away with turnovers and missed free throws.” The Eagles shot 13-22 from the free throw line for the game.

People overcoming drugs is passions for Saccomano

If anyone knows anything about growing up and making the best of a hard situation, it is Meranda Saccomano. Although she grew up as the child of a very young teen mom and surrounded by drugs and alcohol, Saccomano overcame it and pushed her way to a brighter future.
Saccomano, the disability resource center coordinator, grew up moving around Carbon County. She has lived in Helper, Price, Kenilworth and Wellington. The constant exposure of living with and being around a family who was into drugs and alcohol, made Saccomano decide to go into her profession.

Spring Break: Four Corners

This academic year the SUN Center is planning to go back to the four corners area for Spring Breakaway.
Spring Breakaway, a week of service during the spring holiday, is a SUN Center tradition which antedates Terry Johnson’s tenure as the center’s director. This spring, the main focus of breakaway at Navajo Canyon and Navajo Mountain will be to provide aquatic facilities for homes without immediate accessibility to clean water.

USU Eastern’s SUN Center recognizes Stephanie Richards for some sunshine

Stephanie Richards USU Eastern’s dance teacher, was nominated by Emma Rowley for the SUN Center’s new SUNshine Award. Rowley stated that she nominated her because “she is always happy and positive.” This positive attitude is what SUN Center wants to see throughout USU Eastern’s campus.
Jason Fredrickson, a member of the SUN Center presidency, stated “the Sunshine award was started because several leaders in the SUN Center wanted a way to recognize those in USU Eastern’s faculty, staff and administration that go above and beyond to make this campus a better place for everyone.”

USU Eastern’s production of “A Christmas Story”

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Ralphie and his hope for a Red Ryder BB Gun. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, USU Eastern’s theater department and members of the community are bringing “A Christmas Story” to Price.
Carrie Huffaker, who plays the Ralphie’s mother, commented, “The play closely follows the movie and is funny! The kids are hilarious and really bring out the humor.” Sixth grader Stephen Ewan, who plays Scut Farkas, said, “’A Christmas Story’ is one family show that I would attend because it is a funny show and warm hearted.”

Enjoying life all the way around

What’s the first thought that comes to mind at the words “automotive technician”? A mechanic’s shop or a car dealership is what many people would picture. However, Richard Dye, the new automotive technician instructor for USU Eastern, wants to teach students that the automotive business is more diversified than that.

USU Eastern student participates in disaster simulation in Logan

The suicide of a mayor’s son, a student’s wild ride on a broom while dressed as a witch, and rumors of a zombie cow disease: these and other simulated stories greeted USU students participating in a crisis communication exercise on Halloween. Organized by Professor Matthew LaPlante of the Department of Journalism and Communication at Utah State University, the exercise brought together more than 50 JCOM students and volunteers from across the university.

Book Review: Slaughterhouse-Five

This has been a year of exploration when it comes to reading. A year ago I doubt I would have picked up a book by Ernest Hemingway. I have taken Kurt Vonnegut off the list of unread authors and placed him on the read list.

$115,000 in scholarship funds

Are you an engineering or geology major looking for money to pay for your schooling at USU Eastern? Intermountain Power Agency has given over $115,000 to the college to go towards an endowment fund they established to provide scholarships in those specified majors.

Durrant field undergoing xeriscaping

The Durrant Field located just north of the MacDonald Career Center, is undergoing xeriscaping in an effort to better utilize the resources of the college.
When the Field was first gifted to the college several years ago, the southern end of the field was covered in asphalt and a building that was no longer in use.
Brad King, vice chancellor of administration, recalls the steps taken to improve functionality of the field. They re-sodded part of the field, but due to lack of funds, were unable to sod the entire field. Instead, grass seed was planted on the southern half.

Frisbee golf course installed

A nine-net frisbee golf course was installed on the Price campus of USU Eastern on Nov. 1 in an effort to attract students and make the campus seem more alive.
Dreamed up in the enrollment office, the frisbee golf course is credited by Admissions Advisor Kevin Hurst as being a pet project of Director of Enrollment Management Greg Dart.