July 23, 2024

Sorenson named education adviser


This archived article was written by: Casey Warren

New to the Utah State University Eastern campus is Chelsey Sorenson. She has been hired as an advisor and recruiter for the four-year education program. “I help students that have an interest in education complete their goal of becoming a teacher. I help [them to] understand what the requirements are for graduation. I also help with finding the resources needed to be successful as well as have fun along the way.”
Sorenson has found this career field very rewarding for many reasons. “I am able to help students focus on a major and guide them through the process of completing their degree. The biggest reward is graduation. I also find this career field beneficial to me. I am able to work with students on a daily basis and have a crucial role with their educational outcomes.”
Aside from being an advisor, Sorenson enjoys, “spending time with family and friends; playing softball, crafting, going on razor rides, watching movies, and eating ice cream.”
Sorenson also shares something that most individuals at USUE do not know about her. “The people who do know this about me make fun of me… but, a group of friends and I get together to play Bunco once a month.”
Sorenson would some day like to travel expense free to the Hawaiian Islands. “I have had the opportunity to vacation there a couple times, but I feel like there is always a new adventure found. The water is a beautiful blue-green, the sand is warm on your feet; they have a great cultural center, boat trips and other great adventures. I would like to visit again so that I could try excursions such as deep sea fishing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and hiking to a waterfall.”
Sorenson is an advisor who can relate to her advisees. “I relate to students well; I have been in their shoes. I understand the courses that must be completed in order to complete a degree. I always make sure students have the right information in a timely manner to ease some of the stress they might be feeling.”
As stated, Sorenson was once in the shoes of the students at USUE. She shares a few memories from her time in college. “At night, friends and I would put gold fish into the fountain and then they started disappearing. One night for a gathering, we went to friends house and they had a new fish tank. We were like “cool fish tank” then they were like “we found them while playing in the fountain and decided to take them.” As time went on we found multiple fish in the residents halls that came out of the fountain.”
“[Another] time I rode a long board down the hill by Pioneer Park. I thought that I was going to crash and break every bone in my body. It doesn’t seem crazy, but for a girl that can’t long board, it was scary. [Another fun thing I did in college was] have parties in the dorm that consisted of making brownies in an easy bake oven.”
If you are a part of the administration at USUE, Sorenson says, “I spent my time studying, attending class and working hard. USU Eastern is the perfect school for studies and having a social life.”
On a more serious note she shares, “I love the environment; it’s a great school to work for. I love being back as an employee for a school that I [once] called home.”