March 1, 2024

Eastern fee meeting for next USU school year

An Annual Region Fee Committee Meeting was held on Nov. 1, 2023 at 11:00am. The attendees at this meeting included members of USUSA which included Dyson Lighthall (Vice President), Kacie Brady (Bachelor, Non-Traditional and Alumni Liaison), Haylee Prescott (Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Lily Hyde (Traditions and Events Coordinator), Brooklyn Mackay (SUN Center Representative), Shaun Bryner (Student Advocate), Mollie Horsley (Public Relations Manager & CTE), Sailor Jensen (Director of Events), Madysen Probst (Chief of Staff), Kaitlyn Jacobs (Clubs & Organizations Representative), Kyler Minchey (Operations Manager), Esi Johnson (Diversity Representative).

The purpose of having so many students compared to advisors is so the students have a say in how they would like to see the money spent to help improve Utah State University Eastern to meet student needs. Attendees that were also included were Allie Chamberlain, Cameron West, Eric Curwen, Sarah Pullman, Kevin Hurst, Rob Powell, and Doug Miller. During this meeting these attendees vote on whether to keep or deny the current funds going to different areas of USUE. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure the student fees are being used properly within certain core areas. The areas that were voted on and discussed during the meeting included: Athletics Fee, BDAC Fee, CAPS, Activities Budget, Price Building Fee, and Instructional and Student Support Fees.

The first discussion was about the Athletics Department. The Athletics Department previously has asked for an increase of $10 for this upcoming year. With this raise the questions that arose were if wages were still included in these student fees. The student government wants to encourage the automatic check in system in the BDAC. It was also encouraged to extend the hours for the BDAC which had already been agreed upon by Jess and the Student Government. In this meeting it arose that there needs to be an outline on what specific stipulations need to be set on what the student fees can be used for when involving the Athletics and BDAC fees. The main things that can be improved with this budget could help teams with their different traveling costs as well and those who need the extra funding. It was entertained to increase the athletics fee by $10 in which there will be stipulations in the time to come.

When discussing the CAPS budget, it was voted on to sustain the current amount they are receiving from student fees.

When discussing the activities budget the questions that arose was where is the money currently going and are there other sources of income for the budget besides student fees. There was a motion entertained to decrease the activities fee by a total of $10.

The Price Building Fee wants to be used to help the JLSC and give it the upgrades that may be needed. The intent is to use it for what the students need. It was intended to sustain the amount they are getting. It was entertained by the motion to sustain the current building fee.

The Instructional Student Support budget involves Counseling, LLC, and IT. They also wanted to sustain their budget. It was entertained by the motion to sustain the Instruction and Student Support Fee.

This meeting is held to adjourn by Dyson Lighthall. Kyler Minchey moved to adjourn the meeting. Shaun Bryner moved to second.