Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Gallery East

Gallery East’s abstract urban art show “Transform, Notate, Accumulate” finished its first week with a highly attended Gallery Talk and Open House on Friday, Feb. 2.
According to Gallery East Director, Brent Haddock, the opening festivities were “a smashing success.”
Approximately 70 people comprised of community members and college faculty, staff and students were present for the Gallery Talk – a dialogue between the artists and discussion with attendees.
The Open House which took place Friday evening had an attendance of approximately 100 people.

Robert Morton explains his analogies of what is a true American hero in his world

What is our fascination with heroes today, and what is a true American hero? Maybe it isn’t right to limit this to just American heroes, that wouldn’t be fair. We have heroes of different colors and from all walks of life; and they appear daily in countries from throughout the world. Heroes seem to know no boundaries and show acts that we might otherwise believe are impossible.
Heroes are an immense inspiration. We have this great love affair that we need to be able to look up to someone, to fashion our lives and aspire to something that is far greater than ourselves.

2004 Graduation list

Maxwell Acheampong
Kenneth Bills
Sarah Coomer
Aloha Lei Flores
Kassandra Gurule
Kamille Heaton
Connor Lee Houghton
Kirt Larry Jensen
Tomomi Funahashi
Melanie Kirkham
Terence Keene Larson
Eduvijes Lopez
Spencer Loveless
Haruyo Matsuyama
Michael Weston
Everett Miller
Robert Eugene Morris
Daniel Garth Nelson
Mariela Oman
Hernando Issael Perez
Joseph Aaron Smith
Betsy Jean Snider
Holly Sorensen
Alma Todd Sweeny
Atsuko Suzuki
Mio Tatebe
Cheyenne Adams
Michelle Lynn Barnett
Tasha Behling
Jan Bradford
Amber Ann Brighton
Rickey Glen Campbell
Jeffrey Christensen

Non-traditional students have a place they can call their own on campus

College dignitaries, faculty, staff and a crowd of students (non-traditional and traditional) celebrated the opening of the Non-Traditional Student Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house on Jan. 28.
CEU First Lady Ann Thomas, Academic Vice President Cliff Coppersmith, Academic Advisors Darlene Severeid and Shanny Wilson, Non-Traditional Chair Romer Ferrer, Non-Traditional Club President and Vice President Jan Malone and Nancy Simpson, respectively, ASCEU Advisor Bill Osborn and Dean of Continuing Education Jim Huffaker were among those in attendance.