November 25, 2020

Life’s little ups and downs

Life is continually full of surprises and sometimes disappointments that seem almost unavoidable, and occasionally we make little mistakes along the way that can literally turn our life upside down until we are able to turn them around.
This last spring upon leaving school for the summer I had these wild romantic notions of moving back out to the ranch in the desert and continuing my school by mail.

Math and volleyball strike a match for CEU athlete last season

Who would have ever thought that by taking a boring old math class, you would meet your future husband? College of Eastern Utah’s Jen Fisher never thought it would happen to her, but it did.
Fisher met Cody in January of 2003, and after months of dating and a six-month engagement through the fire season, they were married last December.
Fisher is one of CEU’s outside hitters this year. She is originally from Idaho Falls, but came to CEU from Idaho State University.