August 10, 2020

65th anniversary celebration hailed by all as great success

Hundreds of people were on campus Saturday to celebrate the College of Eastern Utah’s 65th anniversary. They came from both coasts and from Washington in the north to Texas in the south. One woman even came from Norway.
Brad King, vice-president of institutional advancement and auxiliaries, who headed planning for the event, said, “It was probably the most successful activity of this kind we’ve ever had,” and added jokingly, “Of course it’s the only activity of this kind that we’ve ever had.”

Health and Wellness Center provides health care for students

The College of Eastern Utah Student Health and Wellness Center provides a wide variety of services. Their services include brief, limited, and extended office visits, allergy injections, blood pressure/weight check, blood sugar/glucose scan, dressings, ear irrigation, elastic wrap, emergency contraceptive pills (morning after pill), flu shots, health education and medication samples (when available).

Are you a donkey or an elephant?

1.) In regards to abortion I am _____ a.) pro-life. b.) pro-choice.
2.) The war on terror is _____ a.) a noble and just cause b.) destined to failure
3.) My opinion on the war on drugs _____ a.) is the same as Nancy Reagan’s – Just say No! b.) is that if we legalize them the crime rate will drop across the board.
4.) The best policy towards Iraq is _____ a.) to not stop at killing Hussein. b.) to get out while the gettin’s good.
5.) How I feel about America: _____ a.) love it or leave it.
b.) America is great because here we have free speech laws and respect people’s opinions.

Conservatism and liberalism: no longer just big, scary words

staff writers
There is a disturbing trend emerging on campus. We are concerned that too many students are apathetic towards important issues in the realm of politics. Many people do not even know how their views match up to mainstream political groups and parties.
We decided to address this issue because we were weary of being met with a blank stare when asking somebody if they were a conservative or liberal. This article is written without political bias for the sole purpose of enlightening our peers about the two major trends in political thought, conservatism and liberalism.

CEU’s customer service

In today’s ever more-competitive educational marketplace, one might ask if the College of Eastern Utah is acknowledging who its customers are and whether or not the college is pleasing its customers time after time?

Tennis players are geared up for a new season

For many students the anticipation of beginning the upcoming school year is caused by a variety of different reasons. For Jennifer Jarrett, the reason was tennis. “Every time I thought about coming back to Price to play with the CEU tennis team again, I got really excited.