June 2, 2020

Day: September 10, 2009

CEU/Price welcome signs placed at city entrances

College of Eastern Utah’s student government established a partnership with Price City Council to promote both the college and city through welcome signs hanging at the two entrances into Price.
According to Todd Olsen, student government adviser, “We have had a Price city representative coming to our CEUSA executive and advisory meetings the last two years.

The world’s game

This week, my column will be on something a lot of people in Price might not be interested in: soccer. To the rest of the world, soccer is the most popular game. In countries like Mexico, England and Brazil it isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. But not in the United States.

Michael Vick: second chance?

Fact: Michael Vick is a convicted felon. Fact: Michael Vick performed major acts of cruelty on the pit bulls he bought, bred and abused. Fact: Michael Vick has completed his prison sentence and is serving probation. Fact: Michael Vick was reinstated into the NFL and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. But should Vick be given a second chance?

Eagles in tournament action

The College of Eastern Utah Eagles’ volleyball team, started their pre-season tournament play two weeks ago in Twin Falls, Idaho where they won two out of four matches. The next week, they played in a tournament hosted by Salt Lake Community College, where they dropped all six matches.
CEU started play Aug. 28 against North Idaho College Cardinals. The Eagles went into the game against NIC without sophomore Alexis Adams, who missed the tournament due to an ankle injury.

The power of food

If the world is divided into continents, continents divided into countries, countries made up of societies and societies built upon the family, then the family is built around food; therefore food powers the world.

The outcome of 9/11

When the attacks of 9/11 occurred eight years ago, the nation’s citizens stood together in solidarity. We worked in unity to show the terrorists that we were fighting back. Everybody held their heads high for this county and swore “never again.” Patriotism became the trend.
Most of the citizens did not object when the government decided to send soldiers to the Middle East. We would find Osama Bin Laden and his followers, show them what we were made of, and bring glory back to America.
There was only one problem. We weren’t looking in the right places.

Dear Bobbie … locals making music

College of Eastern Utah’s fall Eagle Frenzy kicked off the year with activities throughout the week. Culmination of the week of the frenzy was a pool party for all students at the Price City Wave Pool and live music by Dear Bobbie, a pop punk from Price.
Dear Bobbie is a four-piece punk/rock/alternative band from whose music is inspired by bands as Blink 182, Snoop Dogg, The Backstreet Boys and many others.
The band played a two-hour set for the Eagle Frenzy participants, plus gave every student in attandance a free CD of their music.

Welcome Back” library contest winners

College of Eastern Utah’s Library sponsored a “Welcome to the Library” contest the first week of classes which encouraged students to use some of the programs and features the library has to offer plus welcome students back to school.
Everyone’s name who came to the library that week was entered into a raffle with 18 gifts given to the winners.