July 16, 2020

Month: October 2009

Discrimination needs to stop

Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice (wordnetweb.edu)
Discrimination has been a problem for people for years and years. This is odd to me, because it’s silly and wrong. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Fate of CEU athletics

The College of Eastern Utah has an athletic department that is rich in history. Over the years, the athletic department has enticed many athletes to begin their collegiate careers in Price. Could this be the last year of some, or all, of CEU’s athletic programs? To many students, faculty, and CEU spectators, this question seems both dangerous and depressing. This question is the product of two proceedings that CEU is actively involved in: the merger with Utah State University, and the budget cuts the college is making.

Change, it happens

One of the biggest reality checks I received since high school ended and I moved away from home is the swift and shocking change that occurs. You don’t even see it coming and then all of a sudden with no warning, everything that you thought was rooted strongly beneath your feet is gone. Change doesn’t ask questions or for permission to throw you off balance. It just happens.

CEU soccer takes on the “U of U”

The newly formed College of Eastern Utah soccer club faced a tough challenge on Saturday when they took on the University of Utah men’s soccer team.
The Eagles put up a valiant effort but were no match for the experienced Utah team in the end. For much of the first half the game was scoreless, with CEUs goalie standing strong in goal. He was able to make a handful of impressive saves that kept CEU in the game early.

Messiah rehearsals start in October

College of Eastern Utah’s Messiah chorus rehearsals begin the first Sunday of October at 7 p.m. in the choir room of the Music Building. The performances are scheduled for Dec. 6-7, said conductor Russell Wilson.
He added, “I have no Messiah scores to lend, not even one, so new singers will need to get to the CEU bookstore (in about two weeks) or to the local music store to get one. Ordering online is also easy. Best-in-Music at the Provo mall usually carries a dozen copies. Day-Murray Music and Pepper at Summerhays will also ship.”

USU student life personnel meets with CEU student life

Faculty and administrative members met with James Morales, USU VP for student life, and his executive Eric Olsen on Monday, Oct. 5 to voice their concerns in regard to student services issues about the planned joining of CEU and USU.
The decision to merger or affiliate has already been made but how it’s going to happen is still unanswered.
Instead of referring to a merger, the term being employed now is affiliation. The main unanswered question is if CEU will remain its autonomy, if USU will take over or if CEU becomes a comprehensive regional college.

3 suspected flu cases reported on campus

The number of probable cases of H1N1 at the College of Eastern Utah now stands at three.
“Thus far we have three suspected cases on the Price campus. We have been informed by the Health Department that no tests are being done to confirm H1N1 at this time,” said Brad King, vice president of student services/institutional advancement in an e-mail sent in a campus-wide e-mail.
“H1N1 is the only flu currently circulating according to the Health Department,” he added. “When you hear of a case or suspected case, please contact me and let me know.”

Journeys of three women featured in CEU’s Prehistoric Museum

“Faces, Fun and Far Away: Journeys of Three Women” is College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum’s gallery exhibit being displayed in the mezzanine through December. A gallery opening to meet the artists is set for Thursday, Oct. 8 from 6:30-8 p.m.
Hailing from different areas of the United States, Karen Jobe Templeton, Pam Sharp and Arlene Connolly collaborated to unite the three women through their journey in art.

Bikers hit edge of EU mesa

(Names have been changed to save face) A personal perspective … I jump on my bike for another mountain trail bike (MTB) experience the last weekend in September. As I ride over to Luke’s Trail, my previous commitment passes through my mind. Why did I volunteer to help with this? I need to keep my mouth shut. Now I have to babysit some bikers on a trail they have never done before.

How to stick it to sickness

Oozing snot, stuffed up head, stomach pain, and the fear that unless you’re constantly near the toilet you’re going to make a mess. Isn’t being sick great? It’s the one time when you get love and attention from your parents, and barely lift a finger.

The playoffs begin

The MLB season, is over, and the playoffs begin, and all the usual suspects are rounded up, with New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Anaheim, St. Louis and Philadelphia all in the playoffs once again.
We’ll start our look at the playoffs in the National League. First the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers will take on the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Divisional Series. This series looks to be a good one, with the always good Cards and the Dodgers, which have been struggling of late, started to show signs of life last week in a series against the Colorado Rockies.

Promoting awareness/educating community

It’s a Saturday morning in Liberty Park, a pleasant 80-acre public green on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. By 7 a.m. the sun has crossed the threshold of the mountains, and despite the welcome warmth the chill of autumn hangs in the air. The regulars are out for their weekend ritualistic run, braving the mosquitoes out in swarms. It’s a sight that could be just about from any weekend morning, and yet on this particular Saturday, something extraordinary was happening.