March 6, 2021

Day: September 6, 2012

USU Eastern baseball trying to become playoff team

USU Eastern baseball is in the process of becoming a playoff team. Whether it is this year or in the near future, that remains to be seen. Head Coach Scott Madsen stated, “We will have to win half of our season schedule in order to make the playoffs. It will be a tough, but an acheivable goal.” The squad’s pitching should be improved, as long as they stay healthy.

The holy war

The weather outside is cooling down, school is in session, and ESPN is prepping for College Game-Day.
That’s right, football is in our midst’s, filled with the smell of hot dogs, nachos, and fans ready for the games. This is a special time of year, a time where alumni, college students or the avid sportsman, come together to support their teams.

Best VB start in 24 years

With solid wins the first two weeks of the season, Head Coach Chelsey Warburton says she is excited for her team’s 2012 season.
Warburton says as the women started their first summer workouts and practices, she was pleased to see how much talent she has this year, and how hard her team has been working day in and day out. She is excited to have four returning players including Megan Peterson from Marion, Utah; Malorie White from Weston, Idaho; Lindzee Bair from Bozeman, Montana; and Whitney Fieldsted from Altamont, Utah. announces new grad program rate & review website

Who can students trust more than anyone else? Other students.
Graduate Programs is proud to introduce, an online destination for prospective students to explore graduate school programs with information from the most reliable source: their peers.
The goal is to create a community of student experiences and observations of graduate programs across the country. The more students put into it, the more students get out of it.

How to be as awesome as Nate

Aldo music lovers. Welcome back to school and, if you are still reading, welcome to my music column. Let me give you a little back ground of myself. I am Nathan Manley and am a non-traditional sophomore. I am a declared music major, focusing on voice and guitar. I have played guitar for over 15 years and taught off and on for the last seven.

Day of Caring

“The USU Eastern community has several opportunities to get involved and do good in our community on Saturday, September 8,” said Terry Johnson, SUN Center director.
United Way is sponsoring a “Day of Caring” where several service opportunities are planned. He said the Emery County’s Mammoth Marathon could use more help manning the water stations, and the state rodeo club will be here needing help with their concession stand. 
The Day of Caring starts at Fresh Market with a free continental breakfast at 7:30 a.m., ending with a luncheon at 1 p.m. at the Dino –Mine Skate Park. 

Season of laughs, thrills, nostalgia

The USU Eastern theatre faculty is excited to announce its 2012-2013 season. It promises to be a season of laughs, thrills and maybe some nostalgia, says Dr. Corey Ewan. “After having to rethink our first show due to circumstances beyond our control, we will open on Oct. 4-13 with I’ll Be Back Before Midnight written by Peter Colley.” Ewan will direct the show.
It is a murder/thriller with the plot centering on a husband, Greg, and his wife, Jan, who’s recovering from a nervous disorder. They rent a remote farmhouse from an odd farmer who delights in telling gruesome ghost stories.

Book Review: Mistborn

When someone picks up a fantasy book and plans on reading it, they always ask themselves one question. Will this book have any originality? Those who don’t read fantasy books may not realize how saturated the genre can get. Luckily with Mistborn that is not a problem. Sure there is a hero and magic is somehow involved, but most similarities to other fantasy books end there.
The author, Brandon Sanderson, has several lead characters and the main protagonist is female. This in itself is pretty rare. Male writers almost always have a male hero with a female supporting him.

Introducing Eastern Library staff

The USU Eastern Library staff welcomes all students, faculty and staff back to the campus for the academic year. The start of each academic year creates unexplored learning opportunities for new students to the campus as well as a fresh start and further learning opportunities for returning students.
To that end, the library strives to provide resources for learning that support the curriculum taught at USU Eastern and along the way provide numerous other resources that support life-long learning.

Gallery East features student work

The “USU Regional Campus Art Exhibition” will be displayed from Sept. 4 – Oct. 4, at Gallery East, located in the SAC Building of USU Eastern’s Price campus. The exhibit features student artwork from Brigham City, Eastern and Eastern San Juan USU campuses.
“Since the regional campuses and distance education programs’ of USU are increasing, I thought it would be great to showcase the work being created in art classes offered at these campuses,” said Tyler Vance, former adjunct instructor for the USU art department, who taught painting and drawing at both the Logan and Brigham City campuses.

A few of my favorite venues close to home

During my tenure at USU Eastern, I have written some interesting opinion articles. From my first article, where I wrote about the hell of being bi-polar and trying to fit in, my dating advice articles, hearing Dr. Susan Polster tell stories about how Mae Goss, (past editor-in-chief when I wrote those articles) would walk around the newspaper lab cursing my name, to eventually dabbling in news stories. I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun writing for the newspaper. But this piece isn’t about me, this piece is about the amazing Price area.

When the dust has cleared

There are many roads to take for reaching our goals of graduation, getting degrees, and experiencing college life. The road can be a long tough journey at times. With the tough comes the rewarding. When the dust has cleared on your college life, how will you remember it?