June 18, 2021

Day: October 4, 2012

Football fans can be game changers

When we read or hear about college football, it’s usually about either the teams, the coaches, the match ups, or who’s going to go to a BCS bowl game, we don’t hear a lot about the fans, there are those rare occasions where you do. For example, the recent event that happened at the Utah vs. BYU game in Salt Lake City. The fans rushed the field and drew a penalty on Utah, which gave BYU another chance to win the game, one of three to be exact.

5,000 miles, an ocean away from home

Almost 5,000 miles to attend college away from home seems like a great distance, but for three baseball players from Samoa, it proved to be a wise move. Ieti Savelio plays the outfield for the Golden Eagle baseball team and likes to spend his free time cutting hair or anything that involves using his hands. Isaia Helg plays third base for USU Eastern. He has a great sense of humor and can always make the team laugh. Fred Thomas, the youngest of the three, grew up in Fiji, an island near Samoa.

Volleyball trying to get into the swing of things

With a 10-8 record, the Lady Eagles are having a strong season so far. The women and Coach Chelsey Warburton are pretty pleased and excited with how their season is going.
    After the Lady Eagles loss against a highly talented Utah All-Stars team on Sept 21, the women bounced back with two big wins. Three sets to zero in both of those wins. The team held a 6-0 set ratio in the past week against the Salt Lake All-Stars and the Colorado Northwestern Community College women.

Local artist KaeLynn Winn’s work featured at Gallery East

Emery County native KaeLynn Winn always knew she would return to her love of painting. Her talent for making art started at an early age and continued well into adulthood.
“My first experience creating a painting is a treasured memory,” Winn says. “Up until kindergarten, my experience with art was limited to coloring with crayons, which I adored. One fateful day I was given vivid red and blue finger paint and set free! The juicy red and dreamy blue paint mixed before my eyes and a deep, rich purple appeared to delight my senses,” she recalls. From that point on, Winn was hooked.

USU Eastern goes Hawaiian with the Spirit of Aloha

Five people on campus and in the community will be given an award for their hard work and dedication to making this campus better. This is called the Spirit of Aloha award.
“Aloha” means hello and goodbye in the Hawaiian culture, but there is a deeper meaning to the greeting. “Akahai,” meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness; “Lokahi,” meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony;” Oluolu,” meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
“Haahaa,” meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty; “Ahonui,” meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

Experienced chef with multiple talents

Students come to USU Eastern from far and wide for the college experience. They live in the residential hall attend activities and eat in the dining room. Often times, there is so much going on that the people behind the scenes are either never noticed or quickly forgotten. This is the case with head chef Tony Archibald.

Phase two: tuning your guitar

The last guitar tips article was about restringing a guitar, Logically, the next phase should be tuning a guitar. There are hundreds of tunings for the guitar, but I’ll start with the standard tuning.

Book Review: A Farewell to Arms

It may be difficult to pick up a book that was written more than 80 years ago. But that is what I did when I picked up A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. Most people relate a “classic” with required reading in high school. It can be hard to break out of the stigma that required reading equals boring.

89.7: The Edge radio station

There are many things a freshman must figure out when coming to college. When are classes, where’s class, what’s happening, where do I go for music and news about what’s happening on campus? While many of these questions are probably already answered, how many of you have found the college radio station? The station functions as your source for entertainment and information regarding what’s happening at USU Eastern.

School of Screams

Color changes, cool winds and screams are just a few things fall brings every year. With Halloween right around the corner, you can guarantee that the Spring Glen School of Screams spirits are read to scare you.
With new and improved rooms, the old school house is set with new scares and additions you won’t want to miss. Coordinators Jon and Jenny Black are keeping the original characters like the white lady and gypsies, but adding a new twist of characters including cannibals, babies and freaks.

Spotlights shining in Geary this week

Theatre season has begun at USU Eastern with the comedy- thriller “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight” on October 4-13. “I have so many favorite parts,” stated Director Corey Ewan. “It’s a ghost story and a thriller. I hope the audience keeps guessing who’s doing what.”
Murder isn’t far down the road as the play begins in an old country house haunted by a vengeful ghost. Local rumors provide tension about mysterious murders nearby the area. Can you guess which character will be the first to disappear?

Campus lawn maintenance changes

During the summer, USU Eastern facilities and maintenance facilitators replaced temporary employees with a private contractor to care for the campus greenery.
KM Spraying replaced temporary employees hired from SOS staffing to mow the larger lawns, fertilize and spray the campus grounds. Facilities maintenance staff members still mow the smaller portions of grass and care for smaller hamlets of greenery.