September 21, 2023

Desire to see the change in your life is key to life’s riches


This archived article was written by: Jesse Malan

The necessary keys to help anyone who wants to grow rich: whether it be rich in money, rich in mind and rich in one’s own self, is the premise behind this series of articles.
To begin, the reader must close his/her eyes, think and also picture in his/her own mind what they want most. The reader may want to one day own a fine horse, have a successful marriage or own a million dollars. The reader may choose what he/she wants, what is really wanted. Hold that thought, and picture having or accomplishing what that thought is. Feel it and give time to that thought.
This is the beginning to gaining what one wants. This first step is called desire. This is not to be confused with plain hope or a mere want or goal. This desire is a determination, a seedling that has the potential to grow into a gigantic oak, a dream waiting to be turned into a reality writes Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. This should be a burning desire to be and to do. That is the starting point where one may begin to grow rich. Rich in money, mind and one’s own self. Thought is where it all starts.
The mind is the birth place of ideas and imagination. The mind is the starting point, the creator of our future. The mind is also the most loyal, true ally, obeying every order given to it by the user. To help the reader understand the mind better, it will be divided into two parts: the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.
The conscious mind is our awake or alert part of our brain. It is where we think and decide. The sub-conscious mind is the habit forming, automatic part of our brain. It is the part that controls how we act. It is the part of our brain that “tells” us things. Whatever we choose to feed our conscious mind becomes our sub-conscious mind’s duty to remind us.
For instance, if one tells them self that they are a terrible person or that what they do is dumb and allow this to go on for some time, the sub-conscious mind will loyally remind the one person that they are dumb or terrible. Would this not, after some time, create the oppressive destruction of depression? Certainly it will.
On the other hand, if one chooses to see themselves as a man or woman with honor and standards and continues to feed on those thoughts, soon enough the loyal mind will remind the one person that they are honorable and upright because they chose to think that way.
This is called training the sub-conscious mind, also known by psychologists as auto-suggesting or as Dr. Joseph Mercola writes this is an “Emotional Freedom Technique.”
When one learns to master their own mind, then one has learned to master all.
The world is at the fingertips of all mankind. It is up to the individual what is made of it. The mind holds the “secrets,” the keys, which make our dreams come to reality. Opportunities lie at the door, if one will learn how to gain access to them. Work is required, but it doesn’t always have to be hard work.
This is the first of a series of articles on how to grow rich and obtain one’s dreams. I hope that this information will be reviewed often, daily at best, to remind one to improve their own situation, for daily application will cause the mind to remind and reveal, to the active reader, how to gain their dreams.

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