August 11, 2020

Trusted computing: the worst idea in the world … , ever!

A consortium of big-name technology companies have banded together in an effort to improve information security. The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has stated that its goals are preventing against software attack, ending identity theft and protecting computer owners from physical theft.
While this new technology promises big things to consumers and companies both, it also lends itself to abuse by the very institutions meant to protect users. Depending on who you are, and how you use the computer, Trusted Computing (TC) will be more of a burden than a boon.

Amazing recovery for women’s BB player

On Friday, October 24 the women’s basketball team was in a regular practice session scrimmaging against each other. As Marcy Nielson stood at high post ready to pass the ball, she was bumped from behind, the ambulance came, and practice ended early.
“My foot was planted because I was ready to pass. When I got bumped from behind my body turned one way as my foot stayed planted. My knee popped out and was hanging off to the side,” Nielson said while recounting her horrific experience.

Debate trophies stored until permanent home can be found

All of the debate trophies that have been displayed in the trophy cases in the Old Main Building had to be moved before the demolition of the building began.  No arrangement had been made to have them exhibited at another site on campus, so they have been boxed and stored in the Communications Department until an appropriate showcase is found, retired debate Coach Neil Warren said.

CEU’S Brent Haddock selected to restrike LeConte Stewart etchings

CEU’s Fine Arts professor and Master Printmaker, Brent Haddock, was recently selected to restrike the copper-plate etchings of renowned artist, LeConte Stewart.
Stewart is a former chairman of the art department at University of Utah. He is well known for his unidealized paintings of rural Utah. He is also known in the LDS culture for his large scale murals in the Hawaii; Mesa, Ariz. and Alberta, Canada temples.
For years, Haddock has held a deep admiration and respect for Stewart and his legacy of art.

Final thoughts of a traditional student

This last semester as a traditional student opened my eyes to the flaws within the college. I have complained about dorm policies, cafeteria food and even suggested a campus boycott. These notions and ideas will continue to be the downfall of not only myself, but for the college experience of many students. I am tired of questioning why some administrators treat us like four year olds when we complain or think of us as whiny two year olds. The problems are not going to just magically disappear, yet be the reason why certain departments disappear.