June 7, 2020

Say What?

Les can say what he wants
Say What? was originally written by Les Bowen and Jonas Harmon. Then B.J. took over his little brother’s position. He’s been too busy saving lives (see the story on the front page of this week’s Eagle), so he hasn’t had time to write. Although, he did give us some of the fodder for this week’s column, so we can’t take his name off the article. So Jeff is stepping in for an issue or so, which means that Say What? is now a collaborative effort by three people. Hey, anyone want to join the newspaper staff? We’ll let you help write Say What? That’d be grand.

It’s about FCC-ing time you can say it on TV

The Federal Communications Commission recently ruled that Bono’s use of the ubiquitous F-word at a Golden Globe Awards ceremony was not in violation of guidelines regarding obscene or vulgar language. This ruling is based upon a litmus test that takes into account “how” the word is used. So apparently, every time I had my mouth washed out with soap, I had been using the F-word incorrectly. I can’t wait to go home and tell my mom!

Harmon receives award for his valor

A CEU student takes photos for The Eagle, on Ballet Co., a Yell Leader and still finds time to save a young girl from dying in rollover on his way to Las Vegas to visit his parents a few months ago. It was because of his saving a young girl on that one trip that BJ Harmon received from the state of Utah a Citizen Commendation Medal on November 7 at Thanksgiving Point.